Canton Commitment

Canton Elevator is committed to providing superior quality, custom elevator solutions which meet our customers’ unique needs.

Our reputation for standing behind our product is widely known in the industry and is driven by our desire to be the best.

Quality is the driving force behind every elevator we manufacture and the reason for our company’s steady growth.

About Canton Elevator

Canton Elevator was founded in 1946 and for over 60 years operated as a full-service elevator company performing new installations, modernization projects, and contractual service. In addition, Canton Elevator manufactured a full line of hydraulic elevator equipment for use in our own installation projects, and for resale to other elevator contractors throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas. Our extensive experience in installation and modernization of all types of elevator equipment is a major asset to our present operation.

In January of 1985, Canton Elevator, Inc. discontinued field operations to devote our efforts exclusively to the manufacture of quality elevator equipment. Operating out of our 125,000 sq. ft. facility in North Canton, Ohio, we supply a full line of standard, custom passenger and freight elevators, including holeless hydraulic, roped hydraulic, counter-weighted hydraulic, as well as residential and traction MRL elevator systems.

Canton Elevator, Inc. is recognized by many leading architects and major elevator contractors as a dependable supplier of quality equipment.

Why Choose Canton

Our customers appreciate that Canton Elevator builds elevators of uncompromising quality, which sets Canton Elevator apart from the competition.

A long-term, respected manufacturer, Canton Elevator offers the most comprehensive line of hydraulic elevator systems.

Made with pride in America, Canton Elevator equipment is built to last with commercial-grade materials, providing many years of reliable, low maintenance operation.

Whether the solution to your residential elevator needs can be met with our conventional models or a custom-engineered design, you can be confident that Canton Elevator will provide an elevator system that precisely matches your needs.

Our renowned quality, unparalleled industry support, and decades of engineering and fabricating know-how work together to ensure your satisfaction.

Canton Elevator’s staff and resources can ably handle your job and assure attention to your needs.

Among our most prestigious projects include elevators at the Rose Bowl; Smithsonian; Carnegie Hall; JFK, Newark and O’Hare airports; Harvard and Princeton Universities; and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

If you don’t see a cab design you like, we’ll customize our elevator to your exact specifications and taste in home design and décor. Nobody else in the industry offers this.