Every component in our elevator system is engineered to meet the industry’s highest standards.

Construction Hydraulics Models
Our residential elevators feature the same robust construction materials as our commercial elevators to ensure durability, long life and reliable operation. Our high-efficiency hydraulic drive system is dependable and provides an exceptionally smooth, quiet ride, while the pump and motor are so discreet you’ll hardly know they’re there. Our elevator comes in two impressively engineered models, the CEI-750 and the CEI-950


CEI-750       CEI-950  
Capacity 750 lbs Capacity 950 lbs
Speed 40 FPM Speed 40 FPM
Useable Cab Area 12 sq/ft Useable Cab Area 15 sq/ft


Quality and Safety

Every major component in our elevator system has been engineered and qualified in accordance with the industry’s highest standards. The result is trouble-free installation with the confidence that it will endure for years to come, while assuring maximum safety, reliability and worry-free operation.

We are so confident of our quality that every Canton Elevator purchase is backed by a two-year, limited parts warranty—one of the reasons more and more builders and architects specify Canton Elevator.

  • Heavy guage steel frame componentsCar Frame
  • Unitized welded frame construction (not bolted)
  • Adjustable crosshead for tall cabs
  • Bolt-on platform extension to accomodate custom platform sizes
  • Pre-assembled safeties and linkage
  • Fits through a standard 30″ door frame
  • Assembled sling weighs lesss than 250 lbs. (without platform extension)
  • Steel power strut platform framing with 3/4″ plywood subflooring